Should Pets Be Allowed in Rentals

This is a common question most owners have. They want to get tenants, but the big issue is pets. Pets can tear up carpets, ruin walls, and can be a bit of a mess. However, there are benefits to having these, and here, we’ll talk about them.

First and foremost, most pets aren’t destructive, especially the young ones. When you’re getting prospective tenants, you should look at the references and interviews so that the person has an idea of how they take care of the pet and property. You should also in the agreement have a picture of a pet, veterinary information, and there is no history of animal violence. You should also have a pet deposit with the monthly pet rent possibly as well.

If you have a fenced yard on the property, do consider accepting pets.  It would be difficult as well for domesticated animals to harm the tile floors, but in places with wood floors, don’t really allow dogs.  Just cause you to allow pets on one place doesn’t mean it’s okay across the board, and if none of the properties are good for animals, that can happen.

Also, keep in mind that many pet owners love their animals. they’re part of the family, and they’re willing to pay more and a security deposit plus pet rent to house them. Most will follow through with the payments, and they are responsible with their pets. Most people are, and there are pet owners that know how to preserve the condition of properties, and if you are considering doing this, you can actually offer a refundable pet deposit. There is no incentive to stop an animal from damaging if the person pays a non-refundable pet deposit immediately. But, if there are a few hundred dollars that are there it’s safe to assume that renters would put more effort into the pet-related damage before they move out, or adjust the behavior of the pet.

Now, if pets do end up causing damage, obviously the pet owners won’t get their deposits back.  Usually, they are the ones that go nose blind on the animals, and if there was anything wrong with the place, usually they’ll be covered.

Now, if you have puppies on the place, I do suggest making the pet deposit a little bit larger, because let’s face it puppies are hellions and they can chew on carpets and the banisters, and they love to chew and mark up items. This is something that you should keep in mind when you’re choosing pet owners.

At the end of it, you choose the type of pet owner that you want in your place. Look for the responsible, the ones that will keep the place nice, and will have control over their pets. I do prefer cats to dogs myself, but again, this is up to you as a landlord. Choosing the right types of pets for the place is important, and it can save you many headaches too.