How creativity can help you finance deals.

Many times, real estate investors miss out on opportunities because they can’t creativity structure out deals. It’s a particular item that isn’t looked at in the right angle, but sometimes being creative can be a big benefit to many people.

Any time that there might be any success story chalked up to performance in the past, you should definitely consider being creative. Investors starting from the beginning definitely may not even realize to tap into this, but veterans also miss out on this.

There are payouts that can happen anywhere. For example, there could be an assign out deal that investors find via expired leasings. The house might be on the market for a high price, which may be more than you care to pay, but you can contact the seller. It might not start moving right away, and sometimes you may have to follow up for at least three months before the home is put under the assignment deals, which investors use to assign the buyer to the seller and move on so that they’re not tied to large liabilities. The seller may split this 50/50, which isn’t really ideal, but if there is plenty of money in this, it can work. If it’s in a wealthy area, it’s a decent risk.

Now, you can work to agree to continue to sell this on the market while it is under the agreement and then release and sell on their own so that the gent can promote it while others looked for a buyer on their end. After six months, there might not be a prospect, but some can get five. When you’re offering terms, you have a much larger buyer pool, and you need to access this and look into a rent-to-own program that puts you on the right path to true homeownership. There was an agreement on the downpayment, and you can agree to split payments, but the seller may agree to pay the real estate fee, but you may have to front the money for this.

You can look for ways to pivot this, and you can get additional payments going forward. You need to be creative, and you can get a lot of profits from this.

Following up and being creative and talking to sellers is a great way to demonstrate both flexibility and creativity, and you can make sure not to miss out on these deals.

Finally, stick to your system. Investors that you partnered with usually may not make deals in larger investments, and when you start a real estate investment, you need to commit to the business process. While it’s not instant, and you have to remember that you’re playing for the long term, it can benefit you. While some may get a deal early on, sometimes learning how to be smart, and sticking to the norm will give you a lot more deals, and you’ll be able to pivot more deals in order to make this work for you.