SevenTypes of Tenants Who Cause Major Landlord Headaches

Good and reliable tenants are blessing to every landlord. Every landlord always wants his tenant to be very decent and trustworthy. But in real estate business, it is not essential to always find a good tenant. You may come across many tenants who become your headache. Many tenants are lethal to you and your property. No landlord wants to indulge in a horrendous situation. I know for every landlord his property is his lifeline and he does not want his property to be damaged.As a landlord, I usually got into the situation where my tenant only brought pain and headache to me.

In that manner,the landlord wants to get aware of that type of tenants. Over the year of experience, I have seen some general factors in every tenant from which should beware of. Tenants, who bring potential problems to you possess these signs. You should take a deeper look before making a deal.

Types of tenants

  1. The story maker

The tenant who comes always with a lot of explanation may cause a headache to you. When you ask him a question, he would probably tell you a long story even the answer would require only yes or no. he spins you around his story. Beware from a storyteller. You should listen to the story (if you want) but never fall for it.

  • The mama’s boy

The tenants, who are not decision maker could be lethal to you.There are many types of persons who are at the age of 30 plus but tie to their mom’s scarf. They always need their mom and dad for every decision. It clearly shows these types of people do not know how to live alone and how to take care of things. They always need their parents while lease signing and other fulfilling the other formalities.This is actually not a bad thing that his parents are always with him but this may cause some serious problems. He will not able to talk with you independently if there would be a problem in the future. He could not negotiate even without the permission. The pampered people are confused usually and they cannot make a good decision without support.

  • The lazy layabout

This is another type of mama’s boy but unfortunately not the loving one. The parents will tell you how wonderful their kid is. Even they will be ready to pay you deposit, co-sign the lease document. They will be eager to get you to rent their kid. Actually, they are not sweet they are trying to dump you. Maybe they want their kid to be out of their home. So, they want to send him to another home. But why, you have to ask several questions to yourself. Maybe the kid is a lazy layabout but maybe there would be nothing wrong with the kid. The parents only want to kick him out, if this is the case then go for the deal but if the kid is a lazy layabout then beware.

  • The perfect candidate

Nothing is perfect in life. But there are people who seem to be perfect. They could cause some potential problems like they will call you again and again for each and every problem in the house. They want everything to be perfect.They may bother you a lot. So, beware of the perfect candidates.

  • The complainers

You may meet some tenants who would be the complainers. They may cause headache to you in the future. When you meet these types of people they will tell you about their previous landlord. He never fixed any problem, the rooms were small there etc. etc.It clearly shows that his going to complaint you a lot in future for the minor things even.

  • The cash dealers

There are some tenants who will offer you all the cash deals done by today. They will offer you to pay all the deposit and last month’s rent. Even they could say I will pay the whole year rent. It sounds great but the question is why he is doing so. Maybe a legitimate reason so beware of it.

  • The space cadet

You may come across some tenants who are space cadets only. They never tell you the right address. They might lose several times. Beware, of such kind of tenants. These types of tenants forget to pay rent on time usually.