Tips to Jumpstart Your Investing Career as a Multifamily Deal Seeker

For an exponential growth in the wealth, every investor wants to jump from single-family flips to multifamily. And trust me that is the great decision. This jump might be integral for many investors.If I talk about myself I always prefer multifamily deals as an investor.Many investors are afraid to get into this multifamily investment business or they might have some barriers.


  • You do not have personal million dollars property and funds.
  • To acquire the equity funding, you do not have access to potential investors.
  • You do not have trustworthy commercial brokers or multifamily dealers.
  • You do not have the millions to qualify the commercial multifamily loan.
  • You do not have enough time to pursue your multifamily investments career.

The huge amount of U.S. and international capital running into the asset class of the recorded occupancy, rent increases, and profitability.Coupled with the record asset sale prices made this time hard for the well-experienced investors to seek a great deal.The limelight is the good multifamily deals with price tags. It would definitely allow for good cash flow, appreciation, and safe loans in the downturn time period.In multifamily business, the real challenge is access to capital. But the things are no same now. This point is now history.

The point is!

Grab Your Seat at the Real Estate Investment Table

You may pass years of frustration by doing partnerships with some experienced multifamily investors. I am not going to expound this detail. But I will give you a real-life tale to be successful in multifamily real estate business.

This is the story of Dr. Peter.

The dealmaker

Dr. Peter who is a physician by profession in Las Vegas. Over the years he found that he was happy with the medicines and the treatments. This only gives him the long working hours, the stress, and the sleepless nights only.He started to research the real estate investment business.

Dr. Peter found the commercial multifamily investments the more profitable way to earn exponential wealth and to grow. But Peter also realized there are some barriers to jump into the business while being a full-time working man.

With the research, he came to know that he would need a good mentor. He found a good one. He started to build good relations with some brokers and online resources. It requires a lot of hard work, determination, passions and time. He finally sourced and referred a good investment deal. Ready to fly.

From Cell Towers to Apartments

Mr. John who was doing cell tower land for some nation’s firm. He realized after that he is making other people rich. He is not doing well for his own life. After some time, he realized multifamily business is the way to become richer and to grow faster. He jumped from cell tower to apartments. He used his contacts. After some research, he locates owners of the multifamily assets and tapped a commercial broker. The was lucky because he knew some people well before. He had contacts already. You can also make some important contacts after doing research. He first referred a 125-unit apartment and the syndicator gave him a piece of ownership in the apartment deal. Now, he was able to co-sponsor all the deals. He gained reliability of brokers, lenders, sellers, and investors. After that, he launched out his own one.

Six Tips for Pursuing this Investment

  1. Do not trust the syndicators blindly and throw deal referrals.
  2. You must analyze the deal properly.
  3. Prior to the embarking of the deal, you must negotiate an ownership share.
  4. Do not go with the commission.
  5. Take it as a learning opportunity.
  6. You must get it on your resume.