5 Items to Replace when you Upgrade Rental Properties

Whenever you’re renovating a property, there are some items that you can delay in fixing, but there are other items that you should always replace whenever you’re renovating a property, and you should never ignore them but just so it. Here are five items that you should consider when upgrading, regardless of condition.

The first is the toilet. If it’s leaking, it can create a huge water bill, almost 10x what you will pay for the bill. They run all day, and if they’re leaking, it is continuous and a huge money guzzler.it’s also like super easy to fix, and you don’t even need to replace the whole toilet, just the “guts” of it, and takes only a couple of hours, and 20 bucks.

Then there are locks. You don’t know who all had the keys before. Instead of giving justifications, just change them. If you’ve got multiple properties, you can recycle locks as well, and that way you’re saving money when there is a turnover.

Then there are lightbulbs. Using energy-saving and long-lasting ones will reduce the bills, and they can reduce the number of phone calls to change the light. You can do this in common areas, or even in the places the person is living too. Once you do change the bulbs, it’ll be a long time before you change them again. You can get energy-saving bulbs that last 9 years, and they’re super affordable too, which is great.

GFCI outlets are electric outlets that are shut off when electricity goes through unintended paths. They are more expensive, and they’re perfect for safety reasons. Some places, they may be required by law, especially in areas where water is. You should definitely consider these if you have the budget for the renovations.

Finally, replace smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, for obvious safety reasons. Having these replaced, you won’t have to worry about them needed to be replaced for years. If you do use battery-operated ones, you’ll need to change these batteries a few times a year. You should try to have these replaced when you inspect the property every single month or every few months. You should consider getting the dual-sensor ones where there are ionization and photoelectric sensors, since these can help with detecting the fires that are slow and smothering, along with the fast-spreading fires in a simple, yet effective manner. It’s a great addition to have in the home and a must for replacement.

When it comes to fixing up which items you need to fix, you can do so with these five items. They’re simple, yet effective, and you’d be amazed at the difference that this makes in the home. They’re so simple, and if you want to save money on renovations of rentals, you’ll be able to do this in an effective manner, and you can ensure that your property has the safety precautions put in to help with this as well for you.